We value token as much as you do. No to dumping price again, No to selling less than ICO price, No to buying less than 50% of the ICO price.

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STR Swapping Announcement!!!

Hello everyone, again we thank you all for the continued support you have shown in Strategic Token (STR) project. As you all know STR is almost given to the community free because of its projected concept previously which was entirely changed due to unexpected incident. You may be asking the reason why we are doing token swap. The reason is because we value the token, the entire project and everyone who are involve in this. There was a day we have fallen under the hands of greedy person, impersonator or shall we say evil doer, for our eagerness of being listed to many exchanges for the sake of our valued community. The impersonator took away very nearly 25% of the total supply of STR token and he is still in the community, in fact he is trying to do trading in our own platform. So to avoid unnecessary token behaviour of the future the best option is to do swap. The swap of STR token from the holders of their personal wallet will commence right after you read this message while the swapping STR from any exchanges will commence right after you withdraw your token to the exchange we you deposited your STR, the swapping ratio is 1 : 1. If you hold STR with contract 0x27643f124c35904cbd6a42d10791d0b0768276d7 please contact any admin and ask on how to swap that token to STRT with contract 0xcc3a2773941eb0c79b66f86163a8afbed621194d. Moreover to firmly develop the project and continue what is started from the start of STR project we will do token sale of our STRT token with projected financial goal of achievement. The sale is very limited to only those who truly support the project from the beginning and now. For buyers with 100$ or more you may dm @zhang_lou for special bonus and a chance to see the future development of the project. Below 100$ buyer you may send your payment to this contract address 0xcc3a2773941eb0c79b66f86163a8afbed621194d..

Heres the full list of tokensale bonus.

Send 0.01 ETH and receive 1000 STRT with 200 STRT bonus
Between 0.01 and 0.1 will be calculated in the same manner as 0.01
Send 0.1 ETH and receive 10000 STRT with 3000 STRT bonus
Between 0.1 and 0.4 will be calculated in the same manner as 0.1
Send 0.42 ETH and receive 40000 STRT with 15000 STRT bonus
More than 0.42 roughly 100$ equivalent ETH will receive special bonus.
Other payment method will be accepted thru dm with and only @zhang_lou
The reason to sell token is to achieve financial goals which can help our
new token to be listed to at least three from the top 50 exchanges, build a new interface, stable api and solid security.

Projected financial goals in ETH currency

10 ETH => This will help us to revive the started concept of STR which is very profitable for hodlers and workers. Also new interface of exchange and functionalities will be upgraded.
50 ETH => Dedicated server migration, a stronger layer security and ddos attack protection, listing to at least 3-5 paid exchanges.
100 ETH- 500 ETH=> Listing to at least 10 exchanges and three of these are in the top of the line. Stable API for a better experience to external sites and individual who want to work using api. Funding for apps to exchange will be allocated.
More than 500 ETH => Will do a lot better than mentioned. Special bonus 2 for 1 ETH or more contributor you will receive up to 200% bonus and additional 100% bonus that will be received in monthly basis for 12 months.

***Special bonuses are limited only***
*** We believe in you all and we want you to do so***

What is Strategic Exchange and how does it work?

A simple and with common function centralized exchange committed to stabilized the price of token from the ICO price. Strategic Exchange values time and effort of the project starter and the investors funds who happen to support/backed the project starter.

How this exchange differs from another centralized exchange?

As stated "we stablized the price of token price from ICO price" this statement is a standalone reason why we are different from other exchanges. We won't let the value of token to fall under 50% of the ICO price, so the system will not execute the buy order which value is less than 50% of the ICO and the sell order will not be executed if selling price is less than ICO price. Bonuses in all stages will be included as ICO price, the average price will be taken.

How to earn STRT?

We are planning to make multiple ways on how traders earn STRT, one of the ways is making a buy volumes in any listed token in the platform. Others will be announced later on when final decisions are fully agreed by the team members.

Listing OxProtocol (OXP)

Listed Tokens

Realtime Price Watch

2018-10-13 Trading STRT 0.00001 0.0000001
2018-09-07 Trading OMG 0.00001000 0.00010000
2018-10-05 Trading BLB 0.00000004 NA
2018-10-15 Trading KZG 0.000000217 0.00000002
2018-09-27 Trading FISH 0.00009400 0.00000042
2018-10-12 Trading BTCG 0.0000005 .00000090
2018-10-06 Trading TMB 0.001 0.00000003
2018-10-01 Trading BTGN 0.000001 0.00000001
2018-09-27 Trading RPIL 0.00009 0.00000004
2018-10-06 Trading LMY 0.0001 0.00000001
2018-10-13 Trading EXBT 0.000015123 0.0000001
07-10-2018 Integrating OXP
2018-10-16 Trading SGT 0.000000001 0.00000001
2018-10-16 Integrating IZX 0.00000001 0.0000

Login Security-1

Users with no funds are secured with cryptographic hash function. No authentication needed to login your account if the sytem detects your account has zero funds.

Login Security-2

Users with funds are secured with cryptographic hash function. Login authentication needed to login your account if the sytem detects your account has funds.

Login Security-3

Users with funds are secured with cryptographic hash function. Login authentication needed to login your account if the sytem detects your account has funds. Withdrawal of funds will also require authentication for additional safety purposes.



Why my order was not executed?

-Your balance is lesser than the total amount of your order.

-One of the token in that particular is not activated.

-Slow internet connection.

-We initially set trading fee at 0.15% but that will go lower and lower depending on the volume. When the volume reaches 1 ETH the trading fee will go down 0.14% when it reaches to 3ETH it will go down to 0.13% and so on and so forth.

-Withdrawal fee depends on the token but we'll make the best we can to have the lowest withdrawal fee.

-Anyone can use the exchange platform but you should know from your end that your are allowed to do so for your security.

-For some reason not all email are able to receive authentication code, if you are one of those, please contact admin at telegram group.

-If you cant access your account for no reason please change your password using this Link.

-Our exchange does not collect important details from your position like bank account, credit card etc. And we also enrypted some important submitted to our platform. So, yes it is safe however please be vigilant by entering username and password, double check the url bar if its in